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26th April 2012

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Eureka seveN ~alternative soundtrack~ is available to download!

This is a mix of sorts put together of all of the songs I could find that were used for the episode titles of the original Eureka Seven TV series.  Each episode title, or most, is a reference to a song, a song not heard in the soundtrack itself, but are in the show only by name.  I set out to find all of said songs I could.  I was 96% successful in doing so; two episodes, “Absolute Defeat” and “Sky Rock Gate” do not seem to have song counterparts.  So either they don’t exist and this is all of them, or this will forever be incomplete because I don’t even know where to start looking for those final two.  The soundtrack is an interesting mix, mostly of dance jams, but a few alternative, rock, or jazz jams are included too.  I really enjoy listening to it, and I hope you do too.

Also to be noted that this may not be 100% accurate.  This is all fan-interpretation, taken from articles around the internet and a bit of my own sleuthing.  Some do feel as if they’re a stretch, but it is what it is, and it’s all good music.  As an apology for the two mystery ghost tracks and the potential inaccuracy, there is a bonus “disc 2” with three tracks from the current 3 episodes of Eureka Seven AO!  As AO airs, I’ll be collecting music on an episode by episode basis, so by the end we should have an AO alternative soundtrack as well.  Thanks a lot guys, and thanks for downloading (also if you have a recommendation as to where I can host this that isn’t rapidshare since it is the slowest, help me out!  Feel free to host it on your own and link it to me if you have the means of doing so, I’ll update the link in this post with it.)


album art stolen from kenichi yoshida, the original character designer/animator for eureka seven

Reblogged when the project started and reblogging again.  This was a freaking awesome idea and I’m glad Ben actually pulled it off.  I’ll be even happier once it actually finishes downloading, since it’s still going to take another estimated 3 hours.  Ben, I commend you.

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    Well, there are also a couple of episodes I couldn’t find songs to at all, whatsoever, so whatever man. It is what it...
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    i still don’t think that glorious by muse is the correct song for that episode. mainly because it was only included on...
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    Well I’m hopping on this. Was hoping for something like this ever since I watched the series.
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    Reblogging because its split up now into 3 parts!
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    Been wanting to track down a lot of these recently after I rewatched the original series so this is awesome.
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    Reblogged when the project started and reblogging again. This was a freaking awesome idea and I’m glad Ben actually...
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